Ella D. 


Hello, LGCSC! I want to thank everyone for this website and organization for the help they gave and support that we, people from the LGBT community receive from them. It’s very saddening to know that most people like us get so much hate and discrimination for a very long time, however, it’s also nice to know that everything’s slowly changing. Unlike before, we receive so much support now and we are happy to know that there are people who can also support us even if they are non-LGBT members. I hope this will happen for a very long time and that everything will become better in the future! 


Daniel K. 


Hi, Ella! It’s nice to know that you are happy with the LGCSC’s help and support for LGBT members. As a part of this organization and a non-member of LGBT, it’s been fun to give my support and help personally as well. I’ve seen so many people who became afraid because of the discrimination and judgment they get. Now, I’m happy to know that you get more freedom and the rights you all deserve, it’s much better to have a society that is more respectful of others. 


May S. 


It’s good to know you get more support from before, Ella! It was a sad fact that there are so many homophobic people in this world though I’m glad everything’s getting better as time passes by. I’m so glad not just for you but other LGBT-members too! I hope you keep being happy no matter what your gender and sexuality is. 


Ella D. 


Thank you both so much! I’m so happy to know and meet people like you. It’s been tough before but everything’s well now since I get to receive your support whether it’s emotionally or mentally. I’m living my life well because of people like you. 




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