Hello, I really love your organization! I wonder if you still welcome other people for memberships.


Hi, thank you so much for being interested in our organization. Yes, we still welcome other people who want to be a part of our group and help out those who need our help.


Are you only located in Milwaukee? If youarent, where and how can I find your organization?


Hi, thank you for sending us your question. No, we are not located in Milwaukee alone and everyone can find us in Chicago and Nevada as well. If you want to know where to find us, just go to the location tab and see our addresses in different cities.


Do you hold events and advocates for the LGBT community and their rights?


Hello, yes, we do hold events sometimes and advocate so much about the LGBT community so that manycanbe more open-minded about them and give respect. 


Does this organization post or update about its plans such as events or projects?


Hi! Thank you for messaging our organization. Yes, we do update and post news about our events in the future as well as the date and places where we’llhold them.


How can I help your organization?


Hi, thank you for thinking about helping our group. You can always be a part of our organization by being a member or joining us in our projects and services we do for the LGBT community. However, you can also send your supportive words and post on our forum so that people who need encouragement in our website can see your support towards them. If you want, you may also go to the events we hold so that youcanjoin us and see how we advocate for their rights. 



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