About Us 

The LGCSC organization has been here ever since 2005 and we are still going strong up until now. People from all over the world know how important it is that every one of us should accept the people living in this society no matter what how unique they are. For years, people kept the LGBT Community shut and unwanted in this place, making them feel alone, disrespected, and unloved. As a person, we all need to know that each one of us deserves the same amount of respect from others and the rights that we deserve as a human being. 

There are so many homophobics in this society and that is why many groups started their own organizations so they could advocate about the LGBT Community rights. One of these organizations is the LGCSC organization which originally fought for the rights of lesbians and gays. However, as time passed by so fast and others like the bisexuals, transgenders, and the queers introduced themselves and formed the community of LGBT, this organization changed as well. We became more aware of people as unique as them and wanted nothing but to make sure they get the rights they deserve, their safety, and respect from people. 

Our purpose and missions have been very successful and we are proud to know that many people were happy about our organization’s services for people in the LGBT community. We’re happy to help everyone and let them be accepted in this society since all of us are just human beings living in this world. Everyone is unique and colorful in their own ways and we must learn to accept and fight for what we deserve. The people in the LGBT community now became larger and bigger and it’s very nice to know that they are not alone because they get to meet new people like them who have the same uniqueness. We must support them and give them our love and respect. 

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