Garage Doors Openers – Getting the Right One for Your House

When you are searching for a new garage door, an electric garage door opener should be a part of the package. If it is not, find out how much extra it cost you. It’s all depends on the model and brand of the garage door opener. Even if the opener comes with your garage door kit, you will still have to check it through to ensure that how to operate and maintain correctly. The garage door opener often operates with batteries but the latest model of opener operates for a longer period of time without the need for battery replacement or other maintenance techniques. It is something to consider when you plan a new garage door opener installation for your garage door.

Consult a professional and licensed garage door technician about your existing garage door, if you want to add a garage door opener to what you already have. There is a possibility that your current opener has stopped functioning or you are experienced that it is not as reliable as it should be. A trained garage door expert can check it and determine if it is a malfunctioning garage door opener that is causing trouble. When it comes to garage door problems, the opener is one of the biggest issues because it can stop functioning suddenly which is really annoying. 

A new garage door opener should match the weight, size, and brand of your garage door or a replacement brand that will work with different types of garage doors. The opener is assumed to be fine as long as it does what it is supposed to do every time you operate the garage door.

Even the premium quality garage door, motor, and opener can glitch and cause the garage door to stop working. If the garage door showing stuck movements or creating a lot of sounds when it opens or closes, the problem could be serious and you should replace the opener.

If your garage door looks fine and you are not facing troubles with garage door springs, tracks, and motor, then the garage door opener is definitely to blame. In this case, you don’t have to replace the entire garage door, opener can be bought separately. Take the picture of the old garage door opener with you so that you can show the dealer what you have and what you want. In this way, you will be more likely to buy the right type of opener which will be more compatible with your garage door. You won’t have to come back to exchange anything because you were not sure about the type and brand of motor and opener your garage door uses.

Any trained, experienced, and licensed garage door technician can help you to find out the right garage door opener to fulfill your needs and requirements so you can get back using your garage door without any hassle.

Tips and Tricks for Garage Door Repair

Overhead garage doors, regardless of whether they swing up in a single solid piece or roll in multiple sections should be operated on torsion springs. Garage doors run on metal tracks that are positioned on the walls of the garage. Torsion springs are installed to generate and release the power to lift or lower the garage door. In case, when the garage door has minor difficulty, the repairing solution can be fairly simple. But if your garage door is facing major troubles, you should hire a professional garage door technician such as, Jacksonville Garage Door Repair to bring back its functionality. Here are some helpful techniques to get your project started.  

Start your project by inspecting the metal tracks. Have a look at the mounting brackets to check if there are loose components inside them. If the screws and bolts are tightened and secured properly at the brackets, it means that they are in a good working position. When the garage door is closed, inspect each track to find out the flat spots, crimps, or dents on the tracks. If you found any damage, pound it out using a rubber mallet or plastic hammer. Badly damaged tracks should be replaced immediately.

In the next step, examine the tracks of the garage door to make sure that they are aligned correctly. Horizontal tracks should position slightly downward. In the case of roll-up garage door, the vertical tracks should be plumb properly. Garage door tracks must be placed at the same height on both walls of the garage door. if you noticed that tracks are not aligned correctly, you just lose the screws holding the mounting brackets and tap them gently into the correct position. Recheck the alignment and then tighten the screws.  

A good way to avoid these problems is to clean the garage door tracks and panels regularly using a mild household cleaner in order to remove accumulated dirt and grease. Don’t forget to clean the rollers and wipe them out to make them dry. You should lubricate all the moving parts using light silicone spray or powdered graphite. Make sure that you don’t forget the rollers and pulleys in the system while lubrication.

You should check the garage door to find out the loose or damaged hardware. In the swing-up models, check the plates where the springs are mounted in order to ensure that they are tightened to screws. You should check the hinges that hold the multiple sections together. They should be tightened or replaced accordingly. Have a look at torsion springs. On swing-up garage doors, the torsion springs on each side are hooked into holes or notches. If torsion adjustment is required, then shift the spring hook to the next notch or hole. In the roll-up models, the torsion springs are placed on each side which is operated by cables using a simple pulley system. To adjust the torsion, you just need to pull the cable through the plate above the garage door and knot the end to maintain the tension.  

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what to look for when you experience a problem with your garage door. Don’t forget to call a professional garage door company if you run into something you don’t understand because the garage door system can be rather dangerous to handle.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Installing a garage door opener is not a simple task which you can do on your own. However, it is also true that modern garage door opener models are a lot easier and convenient to install and adjust than a few years ago. There is nothing wrong with the DIY garage door opener installation project if you have the right skills and tools. For more information about garage door opener safety, visit the link here.

All garage door opener kits come with fitting instructions provided by manufacturers. It is also important that you follow these instructions accordingly. In fact, garage door opener installation can be a dangerous task, if not fitted correctly due to the highly stressed components including garage door springs that are used. It will end up hurting yourself or someone around you.

In the first step, before installing a garage door opener, make sure that you know how a garage door works. All garage doors are heavy and complicated to handle. Garage door openers are designed to support a certain weight of garage doors. It should go without saying that your garage door opener is capable of handling the weight of your garage door.

Inspecting the actual operation of the garage door should be your next action. If you experience that your garage door does not open or close easily, it could be due to faulty garage door springs which should be replaced before installing the opener. If your garage door looks old, you may be thinking about installing a new one. In this case, you will also need to ensure that the frame of the garage door is capable enough to support the new garage door to which the new garage door opener is being fitted.

The garage door opener will be operated with electricity. Make sure that you place this where it will not get in the way of someone walking around the garage door. The garage door opener will install with a power cord which should only be placed within the range of adults. It will go without saying that the electrical supply should be disconnected while working with the wiring that supplies power to the garage door opener.

More hands make it effortless and you may easily find professional help for installing a new garage door opener. You will need to have specific tools such as, spirit level, stepladder, drill, hammer, tape measure, side cutters, screwdrivers, and adjustable hacksaw and wrench. There are three types of garage door openers. The quietest one to operate and easiest to install is the screw driven-opener.

Once fitted, it will need little maintenance services as it has no chains and belts. Recent models of garage door openers are installed with safety features that stop and reverse the garage door when someone or something hits on its way down. Make sure that all the wall-mounted buttons are installed out of the range of small kids so that they cannot play with the garage door. For security purposes, infrared beams should be installed near the bottom tracks of a garage door.

Garage door opener installation should only be conducted by someone who has the right expertise to work. What will be the situation, don’t ignore the concerns when it comes to the safety of your family and home. Apart from anything else, the garage door is weighted and bulky equipment that can be dangerous to manage. The size, weight of the garage doors, and springs are dangerous due to the extreme pressure they are under.

Torsion Vs Extension Springs on Garage Doors

Garage doors need springs to function as they provide pulling power to run on metal tracks. There are two types of springs used on garage doors. One is torsion springs and the other is extension springs.

Each type of spring has a different operating mechanism to pull the garage door which needs different installation and maintenance services to keep them in a good working position. In this article, I am going to describe a major difference between them. Garage door springs need professional assistance to be managed. Visit their website to get expert help.

To start off, torsion springs are commonly used in overhead garage doors. These springs are the efficient way to operate the garage door, as they need short space to install, working quietly, and durable. These springs are safer to use on double-sized garage doors as they lift them from the center, avoid any potential wobbling when the garage door is lifted.

Most garage doors come with single springs for cost reasons but two can be installed if required. However, the significant benefits of torsion springs relate to their price. Torsion springs are expensive than extension springs both in terms of price and installation charges. A broken torsion is impossible to replace using self-service as they need special knowledge and training to handle it. It means if anything does happen, you will have to call a professional garage door technician.

On the other side, extension springs are installed on both sides of the garage door along with the tracks to pull the garage door from both sides. They are not commonly used in the latest versions of garage doors especially on wider garage doors because counterbalancing the weight can be the bigger problem. They are normally, cheaper, easy to install, and safer than torsion springs. They are good for homeowners who are interested in doing DIY projects to save money. They are good if you have a lot of overhead space. But extension springs have several drawbacks as compared to torsion springs. It is possible to operate the garage door with only one large torsion springs but extension springs setup always need two on each side of the garage door. As they need more space to install, they have less aesthetic appeal.

What type of spring is best? It depends on the specification of the garage door and the budget you have. It depends on the rate of usage of the garage door. Well, springs are the most important parts of the garage door which will affect other components like, tracks, cables, and even opener. Without properly adjusted or functional garage door springs, you run the risk of having other important components fail due to extreme wear and tear which will cost more in a long run. If you are not sure which type of springs is right for you, consult a local garage door expert to have a look at your garage door. You may end up saving a lot of effort and money by doing so.  

Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-functional and efficient garage door. Therefore, it is recommended that contact a professional garage door repair service is as fast as possible when your garage door is not functioning as well as it should be. After all, the garage door is an important entrance to your home which will protect it, and at the same time garage door make up half of the structure of your home.

Every time when a garage door malfunctions or breaks down, it is important that you understand the importance of garage door repair service. It is something that is not chosen haphazardly. Discovering a garage door company that offers reliable and valuable services is actually a tricky task. You should be careful and conscious while choosing the best services that help you to restore the functionality of your garage door. After all, not everyone can handle the garage door.

The proven and best resource to discover good garage door companies is by browsing them on the internet. You will find all of the required contact information you need as well as feedback and reviews provided by previous customers.

If you don’t want to use the internet for this purpose, the yellow pages or phone book is one of the right ways to get by. You will observe that some local or small but trustworthy companies do not have their official websites to offer their products and services but have cheaper prices instead.

For choosing the right garage door company for you, you may want to check out the size, reputation, and manpower of the company. It also includes the ability of the contractor to perform a round of clock services and emergency check-ups. It is very essential especially since unexpected problems can happen. If your existing garage door is in need of a lot of work, you might want to consider discounted tune-ups and package deals. 

While choosing around for professional garage door repair services, make sure that your chosen company agrees to send experienced and certified technicians along with a service truck. Definitely, you do not have adequate tools in your garage which will also help you to avoid further delays. You should also take into consideration the knowledge and experience of garage door technicians. They must have the right knowledge and experience to properly fix your garage door.

Choosing a certified and licensed garage door repair service will be a wise decision. They will provide you quick, efficient services as well as great workmanship. You should also make sure that the company offers a warranty on its products and services. It will cover all the problems associated with the garage door. If your garage door fails to work within a shorter period of time after the fixing project, the expert will come back and fix it without charging you. If there is a need of replacing a damaged garage door part with a new one, they will bring new parts and replace the damaged parts at no cost.

Garage Door Service – What Should Be Checked Regularly?

If you have an expensive, modern, and high-tech garage door in your home, you should regularly sever it with some maintenance services to avoid costly repair and replacement work. 

Since a garage door is most frequently using equipment so general wear and tear to it are obvious. Thus to avoid the frustration of being stuck in front of a closed garage door just before rushing out to work, you need to keep your garage door in tip-top condition. There are many cases when you will need the assistance of professional garage door companies like Pro Garage Door Indianapolis to manage your garage door. But the good news is that you can perform routine garage door services to fix the minor faults and glitches with a little bit of knowledge and handy tools.

Safety precautions of DIY garage door repair project:

Don’t forget that your and your family’s safety comes first. Although you are experienced in handling heavy equipment, don’t try to conduct DIY garage door repair. Remember that some garage door parts including springs, panels, and cables are dangerous enough which will hurt you.

Importance of routine garage door maintenance:

Check the alignment of the garage door to make sure that it does not need any adjustment. It should be balanced and aligned in the right way to prevent any accident. You should conduct a test to check the reversal mechanism of the garage door to make sure it functions correctly. Inspect the important components of the garage door including rollers, springs, and tracks to find out any sign of damages. Perform this inspection at least once every month to be on the safe side of garage door operations.

If cables show any sign of wear and tear or become frayed, they should be replaced immediately as they can lead to serious accidents later on. Next, try to find out any loose hardware in the mechanism. All the loose hardware should be tightened and broken parts should be replaced.

Another important part of the garage door maintenance routine is cleaning and lubricating the various parts of the garage door. The tracks and rollers should be cleaned to remove any hardened grease and dirt as it can often cause garage door malfunctioning, After washing the garage door, wipe out all the parts to make them dry and then lubricate them using a high-quality lubricant solution.

If you have installed an automatic garage door that is equipped with safety sensors to stop the garage door from closing when there is something stuck under it, you should check them to make sure that they in a good working position and aligned properly. These sensors must be cleaned and aligned to be kept functional.

Finally, check the handy remote to make sure that it has enough batteries. Check the weather stripping around the garage door to make sure that the garage door is sealed properly. Remember avoid nothing to chance. Make sure that you and your family will be stay protected from malfunctioning garage doors.

Benefits of Garage Door Installation

If you are looking for techniques to make your garage door aesthetics appealing, practically functional, and secured then garage door installation is a great thing to start.

Well, who is not love about being able to leave seamlessly from home to the car without ever needing to bear the outside elements? Plus, by having a garage door installed, you will be able to use an opened garage as a secured place. From being opened and easily approachable to anyone, who wants to get access to a fully secured place, thus enhancing the security of your home? Many famous websites provide useful information on garage door installation. One such link worth visiting is

What are the other reasons to opt for having a new garage door installation for your home? You may think, are there advantages to be had by opting for a garage door installation to be included in the blueprints of your home? After all, not adding a garage door could save you money and extra effort.  Actually, having a new garage door in your home can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Consider the following benefits for new garage door installation.

  • The garage door is a great way to protect your vehicle from outside elements and harsh weather.
  • It helps to keep your vehicle protected from scratches, dings, or unwanted hits which make not just you happy but your insurance company as well.
  • There is no risk of having the vehicle stolen or any other misshape.  Your vehicle will stay protected all the time.  
  • The engine of the car will stay ready to go. By protecting your vehicle from outside elements, the engine of your car does not get as cold as it stays lubricated.
  • During winter, you don’t have to worry about the ice melting off of your car. A garage door is considered a windshield being covered in snow.

Deciding who will conduct a job:

Would to conduct it on your own or hire professional services? Upon determining certain factors whether you are capable enough to do a job on your own or you will just end up jeopardizing your place. In case, you want to take the assistance of professionals, ask for a referral from friends or families.

Safety tips for garage door installation:    

Whether you are performing a DIY garage door installation project or hire a professional installer to accomplish a job, safety is a must. It is a dangerous process because the garage door is a bulky and heavy moving object around your home. It has been reported that improper installation of garage doors, openers, and springs resulted in fatal injuries and serious accidents.

Never attempt to install a garage door without having proper skills, knowledge, and tools. If you have deiced to pursue this project, make sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions. In case, you want to go with an experienced installer, make sure he is equipped with the latest tools, knowledge, and standard safety gear.

Having a garage door installed not only adds style and design to your home but will also protect your home for years to come. Don’t just keep debating whether it is beneficial to have a new garage door installation or not. Just talk to a professional garage door installer today.    

Garage Door Spring Repair – Why You Should Hire a Professional Technician

Before you have decided to perform garage door spring repair, you should learn a few important things.

The springs installed on a garage door are under extreme pressure. If they snap eventually, they can cause serious injuries and extreme damages. The best thing to conduct especially if you are not an experienced person to fix or replace malfunctioning garage door springs is to call an expert garage door technician. These experts are specially educated and trained and have the right tools required for the safe garage door spring replacement project. Click here to learn more about garage door springs.

Garage door springs are placed on both sides of the garage door. If you are experienced a problem with one spring, replacing both of them is a wise decision. If one spring breaks or has any problem, the other will likely follow it shortly. The heavy-duty metal springs are generally good for about 10,000 operating cycles before they need to be replaced. Garage door torsion springs are the modern and common type of springs. Extension springs are looped. Torsion springs are used for automatic garage doors.

Buying a new garage door spring is not going to be easy for a person who is not associated with the business of garage door. It is a very common problem that an average homeowner will face when attempting garage door spring replacement on your own. If you find the right ones, you will likely pay high costs for them because garage door dealers are not allowed to sell these dangerous parts directly to the end-user. They prefer to sell the product to the licensed garage door technician to prevent injuries and damages.

If you are determined to replace the broken torsion springs on your own, you will probably be in for a search. Discovering the right type and size of spring is not going to be simple. There are several types of torsion springs within each category, this is why, and the measurements of the new spring should be exact to the old springs. The length of springs, size of the wire, and the internal diameter will be determined in this measurement.

If you are using torsion springs on your garage door, there will be two on each side of the garage door. In this situation, the measurement for the replacement cannot simple even by a little because each spring is specific to the weight of the garage door. The amount of tension should be determined for the smooth opening and closing of a garage door.

All above, if you have decided to replace the spring on your own and something is not going well or the garage door does not function smoothly afterward, you should restart all the process. It can be quite annoying, hard, and expensive. When you hire a professional garage door technician to handle this project, the work should be guaranteed. It is one of the important points that you will want to make sure of before signing a contract with garage door repair companies.

In addition to this, the parts they will use come under guarantee. It means that if something goes wrong in a few days and the garage door is not functioning smoothly, they will come back to fix the malfunctioning without charging you. That is why the cost that is incurred while replacing the broken garage door torsion springs is probably going to be less if you hire professional and specialized garage door services.

The Replacement Costs for Garage Door Springs

Nowadays, modern residential buildings are constructed with two or three-car garage. Automatic garage doors are installed to secure the home and other belongings.

But like other electronic equipment, you will have to deal with the broken garage door springs because they are no longer work. By determining the cost of a job, it is suggested that replace the springs immediately. Fixing broken springs is impossible. Your garage door may have other modern security devices and opener which may need to be fixed and replaced along with the springs. Since it is a risky and tricky job so you will need Quality Garage Door Repair assistance for this.

The biggest expense in the repairing and replacing garage door project would be broken springs replacement. The reason is that the smooth opening and closing operations of the garage door is made possible through efficient garage door springs.

When you have installed a new garage door, each component will normally come with a service warranty. But the services of life are limited depending on the type of material. If you do not have a warranty on garage door springs, when they need to be replaced, the cost of the project will come out directly from your pocket.

For the overhead garage door, springs are the important components which make it possible for you to lift and lower the weight garage door by using the principle of tension. These devices are placed on both sides of the garage door right at the top of the garage door’s opening. There are two common types of springs used for the overhead garage doors. One is known as extension springs and the other is called torsion springs. Experts are figure out that torsion springs have limited life on average is approximately five to seven years depending on the numbers of operations. They are ideal for about ten thousand operating cycles but it also depends on how much you have operated your garage door.

The high-quality mechanism of torsion springs is stretched each time when the garage door is being opened and closed. It can be multiple times a day. With the passage of time, the springs will eventually lose the ability to be stretched and you will find yourself under the cost of broken garage door torsion spring replacement. Even if it is just one which gone bad, it is good to replace both of the springs at the same time because eventually, the other one will break soon. The professional suggested that extension springs have the same life cycle as the garage door torsion springs. To replace each pair of spring, you will have to spend $100 to $150 but the actual cost of the project depends on the type and model of garage door which is installed.

Although you can do it on your own, it is good to hire a professional garage door services because the tension stored in them can make them dangerous to handle. Overall, it is highly recommended that consult a professional garage door assistance to replace the broken garage door torsion springs.

Garage Door Springs

Should be I able to handle garage door springs?

It is a common question, frequently asked by the homeowners on the land of DIY home improvement projects.

There are several important factors which should be kept in mind while doing such a job because it is quite a dangerous job. The skill level of a person should be evaluated when it concerns using handy tools which are also known as being “Mechanically inclined”. First of all, consider, do you have the right tools to conduct this job. A right-sized socket, wrench, a ladder, and a pair of “winding bars”. Are you familiar with the mechanism of the garage door? Visit here to get more information about garage door springs.

Is it worth?

The next important factor to be considered, do you have an authentic source from where you can buy the right torsion spring for your specific garage door type. In case you have, I would suggest you investigate the product when you go to buy a spring. The last important consideration is the “value of time”, do you have enough time to spend. Is it worth it to you to spend all weekend on these projects possessed dangers and problems? There is no need to take stress when professional garage door experts exist to do this job for around $300. 

What do you think?

There are a lot of products that won’t sell to the general public on the basis of simple principles that is they are too complex and dangerous for the average homeowner to tackle the job. The situation is I don’t like the answer. Then do you think I could replace the torsion spring on my own? Only you can answer the question because anything I will tell you based on my own personal skills and expertise.  

My best advice

 MY best suggestion to someone thinking about attempting their own “torsion spring replacement” is to consult a professional garage door spring service to get a general idea of how much it will going to cost you.

Afterward, weigh the pros and cons which you could actually pull off on attempting garage door springs repair on your own and finished the game with an expensive trip to an emergency ward to a hospital. Don’t put yourself in danger, when you have options to hire a professional garage door technician to deal with the torsion springs. So the question is still here…When you are in need of professional assistance for broken torsion springs, choose wisely.

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