Safety Measurements While Repairing or Replacing the Garage Door Springs

There is one garage door repair job that most homeowners should not even try to attempt without professional assistance. That is repair or replacement of garage door springs. These springs are to aid the garage door in the opening and closing process by balancing its overall weight. They are loaded with a great amount of pressure, if you don’t handle it correctly, they could basically explode and hurt you. People have been seriously injured or killed by the broken garage door springs, so they are considered dangerous parts of the garage door. You should handle them with high care. Don’t try to attempt the garage door spring project, if you don’t have the right skills. With technical skills and appropriate tools, it can become a DIY project in order to save little cash. Need additional information about garage door springs, visit here

There are two different types of garage door springs that are used on garage doors to manage their weight during opening and closing operations. These are extension and torsion springs. Torsion springs are the common type of operating system for overhead garage doors. There will be two which are mounted on a metal shaft over the garage door opening. It is important to note here that if one of the springs has already broken, you will need to replace both of them at a time because the other one will soon follow. It will save you both money and time to change them both at the same time. On the opposite side, garage door extension springs will be located on either side of the garage door. They are safer and easier to replace than torsion springs. The appropriate tools to handle the garage door springs include:

  • Vise grip pliers of right size
  • A correct size of winding bars
  • Socket wrench
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Rags
  • Ruler
  • Steady ladder

You should be able to conduct the safest and secure project as long as you have the right knowledge and correct tools. Don’t try to use the wrong size or type of wrench or winding bar because you are only creating complications if you do.

Another safety precaution while working with the garage door springs is to keep in mind that the garage door is a weighted and bulky object. A standard-sized garage door can weigh up to hundred pounds. And the springs that are used on the garage door are under an extreme amount of pressure when they let the garage door down. Recent models of torsion springs are safer than extension springs. They are mounted on a steel rod to retain the junks of springs in the event of breakage. The use of torsion springs is recommended by the experts because they operate the garage door smoothly and are safer to have on your garage door.

At the bottom, it is never worth a human life to handle the dangerous project without proper skills and tools. So, if you have any confusion about your abilities, call a professional garage door expert who has been trained to handle the project in the safest way.

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