Garage Door Spring Repair – Why You Should Hire a Professional Technician

Before you have decided to perform garage door spring repair, you should learn a few important things.

The springs installed on a garage door are under extreme pressure. If they snap eventually, they can cause serious injuries and extreme damages. The best thing to conduct especially if you are not an experienced person to fix or replace malfunctioning garage door springs is to call an expert garage door technician. These experts are specially educated and trained and have the right tools required for the safe garage door spring replacement project. Click here to learn more about garage door springs.

Garage door springs are placed on both sides of the garage door. If you are experienced a problem with one spring, replacing both of them is a wise decision. If one spring breaks or has any problem, the other will likely follow it shortly. The heavy-duty metal springs are generally good for about 10,000 operating cycles before they need to be replaced. Garage door torsion springs are the modern and common type of springs. Extension springs are looped. Torsion springs are used for automatic garage doors.

Buying a new garage door spring is not going to be easy for a person who is not associated with the business of garage door. It is a very common problem that an average homeowner will face when attempting garage door spring replacement on your own. If you find the right ones, you will likely pay high costs for them because garage door dealers are not allowed to sell these dangerous parts directly to the end-user. They prefer to sell the product to the licensed garage door technician to prevent injuries and damages.

If you are determined to replace the broken torsion springs on your own, you will probably be in for a search. Discovering the right type and size of spring is not going to be simple. There are several types of torsion springs within each category, this is why, and the measurements of the new spring should be exact to the old springs. The length of springs, size of the wire, and the internal diameter will be determined in this measurement.

If you are using torsion springs on your garage door, there will be two on each side of the garage door. In this situation, the measurement for the replacement cannot simple even by a little because each spring is specific to the weight of the garage door. The amount of tension should be determined for the smooth opening and closing of a garage door.

All above, if you have decided to replace the spring on your own and something is not going well or the garage door does not function smoothly afterward, you should restart all the process. It can be quite annoying, hard, and expensive. When you hire a professional garage door technician to handle this project, the work should be guaranteed. It is one of the important points that you will want to make sure of before signing a contract with garage door repair companies.

In addition to this, the parts they will use come under guarantee. It means that if something goes wrong in a few days and the garage door is not functioning smoothly, they will come back to fix the malfunctioning without charging you. That is why the cost that is incurred while replacing the broken garage door torsion springs is probably going to be less if you hire professional and specialized garage door services.

The Replacement Costs for Garage Door Springs

Nowadays, modern residential buildings are constructed with two or three-car garage. Automatic garage doors are installed to secure the home and other belongings.

But like other electronic equipment, you will have to deal with the broken garage door springs because they are no longer work. By determining the cost of a job, it is suggested that replace the springs immediately. Fixing broken springs is impossible. Your garage door may have other modern security devices and opener which may need to be fixed and replaced along with the springs. Since it is a risky and tricky job so you will need Quality Garage Door Repair assistance for this.

The biggest expense in the repairing and replacing garage door project would be broken springs replacement. The reason is that the smooth opening and closing operations of the garage door is made possible through efficient garage door springs.

When you have installed a new garage door, each component will normally come with a service warranty. But the services of life are limited depending on the type of material. If you do not have a warranty on garage door springs, when they need to be replaced, the cost of the project will come out directly from your pocket.

For the overhead garage door, springs are the important components which make it possible for you to lift and lower the weight garage door by using the principle of tension. These devices are placed on both sides of the garage door right at the top of the garage door’s opening. There are two common types of springs used for the overhead garage doors. One is known as extension springs and the other is called torsion springs. Experts are figure out that torsion springs have limited life on average is approximately five to seven years depending on the numbers of operations. They are ideal for about ten thousand operating cycles but it also depends on how much you have operated your garage door.

The high-quality mechanism of torsion springs is stretched each time when the garage door is being opened and closed. It can be multiple times a day. With the passage of time, the springs will eventually lose the ability to be stretched and you will find yourself under the cost of broken garage door torsion spring replacement. Even if it is just one which gone bad, it is good to replace both of the springs at the same time because eventually, the other one will break soon. The professional suggested that extension springs have the same life cycle as the garage door torsion springs. To replace each pair of spring, you will have to spend $100 to $150 but the actual cost of the project depends on the type and model of garage door which is installed.

Although you can do it on your own, it is good to hire a professional garage door services because the tension stored in them can make them dangerous to handle. Overall, it is highly recommended that consult a professional garage door assistance to replace the broken garage door torsion springs.

Garage Door Springs

Should be I able to handle garage door springs?

It is a common question, frequently asked by the homeowners on the land of DIY home improvement projects.

There are several important factors which should be kept in mind while doing such a job because it is quite a dangerous job. The skill level of a person should be evaluated when it concerns using handy tools which are also known as being “Mechanically inclined”. First of all, consider, do you have the right tools to conduct this job. A right-sized socket, wrench, a ladder, and a pair of “winding bars”. Are you familiar with the mechanism of the garage door? Visit here to get more information about garage door springs.

Is it worth?

The next important factor to be considered, do you have an authentic source from where you can buy the right torsion spring for your specific garage door type. In case you have, I would suggest you investigate the product when you go to buy a spring. The last important consideration is the “value of time”, do you have enough time to spend. Is it worth it to you to spend all weekend on these projects possessed dangers and problems? There is no need to take stress when professional garage door experts exist to do this job for around $300. 

What do you think?

There are a lot of products that won’t sell to the general public on the basis of simple principles that is they are too complex and dangerous for the average homeowner to tackle the job. The situation is I don’t like the answer. Then do you think I could replace the torsion spring on my own? Only you can answer the question because anything I will tell you based on my own personal skills and expertise.  

My best advice

 MY best suggestion to someone thinking about attempting their own “torsion spring replacement” is to consult a professional garage door spring service to get a general idea of how much it will going to cost you.

Afterward, weigh the pros and cons which you could actually pull off on attempting garage door springs repair on your own and finished the game with an expensive trip to an emergency ward to a hospital. Don’t put yourself in danger, when you have options to hire a professional garage door technician to deal with the torsion springs. So the question is still here…When you are in need of professional assistance for broken torsion springs, choose wisely.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Life has a lot of inconveniences which pop up suddenly, one of them might be a malfunctioning garage door. If you faced the trouble of a faulty garage door suddenly, you will have to call an emergency garage door repair services like, Darien, CT garage door repair services to restore the working of your garage door.

Since the garage is not an ordinary room, it plays an important role in a secure place for parking your car and additional security for your home.  It is also essential that you have a functional and secured garage door. For this purpose, you will have to fix the garage door problems as soon as they occur. The garage also plays another important role in the storage room to save your precious stuff and having a faulty garage door overnight might make you a victim of a robbery. 

Most of the time, problems regarding a faulty garage door are mechanical. For example, you will find it hard to open or close the garage door, it could be stuck, or the remote of your garage door will not work the way it should. Whatever the reason behind the malfunctioning of the garage door, it should be fixed immediately. You can fix minor problems on your own but to deal with the major issues, you need to contact an emergency garage door repair services provider. It is definitely the most effective and quickest technique for solving garage door problems.

A garage door is a combination of complex parts, assessing and diagnosing a real problem behind it is possible by the experience of the technician. A little glitch in the mechanism affects the overall performance of the garage door therefore you will have to consult a professional garage door expert to diagnose the problems. Actually, the cause of the malfunction could be a hard job to figure out; this is why hiring a professional garage door repair company is highly recommended. These companies have trained and properly educated staff which is equipped with the latest tools. The right knowledge and expertise to manage any type of garage door.

While you wait for a technician, it’s fine for you to inspect the garage door to check what is going wrong. Be careful and don’t try to fix anything you are not sure of.  You can check the basic things you are well-familiar with such as, garage door springs, tracks, rollers, and panels. Examine them thoroughly to determine, if they work properly or if they are in good condition. In addition to this, make sure that there is no damaged or rusted part within the mechanism. If you are not confident enough, wait for the expert, don’t force the garage door to open or close because it may cause more harm.

Common problems of garage door which encounter might be the improper opening and closing. There might be a limit switch behind it. It should be adjusted or replaced to fix the fault. Another problem might be the garage door reversing which touches the ground. It also associates with the close force which needs to be adjusted. Waiting for professional garage door technicians is a wise decision because they are familiar with all ins and outs of a garage door. They also know what precautions should be taken while examining the garage door. So when your garage door is showing malfunctioning, calling an emergency garage door repair company is a wise decision.

Tips on How to Prevent the Need for Garage Door Repair

Garage door is important equipment of any residential building which needs to be maintained regularly and fixed as soon as possible when it experienced any kind of malfunction.

There are numerous technical details related to fixing a garage door, therefore it is impossible for you to attempt repairs without appropriate expertise and knowledge. It is strongly suggested to call a professional garage door expert such as, Ace’s Garage Door Repair as soon as possible when your garage door faces any kind of issue. Anyhow, since hiring a professional garage door company can be a quite costly process, most of the time, it is always advised to follow a simple garage door maintenance regime to avoid the needs of costly garage door repair as far as possible.

The following are the simple tips and tricks which you can follow to keep your garage door functional. Some of the important techniques are: 

Regular cleanliness: Although it might not sound very important, you should nevertheless make sure to keep your garage door clean and free from dust, debris, and harden grease. To wash your garage door, you can always use a mild cleaner to remove the grease and dirt from different components of your garage door. After washing the garage door, apply any kind of thin oil to lubricate them.

Apply lubricant: One of the most important measures which you can take for the smooth functioning of your garage door is to apply ant kind of lubricant to the various parts of the garage door including, tracks, rollers, hinges, and garage door latches. Keeping the garage door well-lubricated also gives you a lot of benefits. You should also lubricate the pulleys, bearings, and torsion springs. If any of them look damaged or rusted, it is strongly recommended to replace them.

Don’t neglect the importance of garage door opener: Garage door maintenance will not complete without taking good care of the garage door opener. You need to make sure that the opener is getting the required power supply. If you have a chain or drive screw garage door opener, it is extremely important to keep them well-lubricated. 

While you can make some efforts to keep your garage door functional and protect it from malfunctioning. In some situations, when garage door components get badly damaged, it will almost impossible to bring back your garage door to its good working position. Hiring a professional garage door expert to deal with the broken garage door is a wise decision. These experts have the right skills, education, and experience to fix or replace the damaged garage door. Since getting professional help is an expensive affair but it is also important that you hire a reputed, certified, and experienced garage door services. Some of the important factors which you need to be considered while hiring professional garage door experts are:

  • Experience: You should hire a professional and experienced garage door technician that has extensive experience in the field of garage door repair. Years of experience give them the expertise to deal with a wide range of garage door problems which is very important for giving outstanding services. 
  • Equipment: It is also important that garage door experts come with up to date tools and appropriate machines which are required to fix the garage door problems quickly and perfectly.
  • Insurance: The garage door company which have hired must be insured to take the responsibility for any type of damages which your garage door might face during the project.

By following the above-mentioned garage door maintenance regime, you can avoid the need for costly garage door repair. Well, in case, you need to call a professional garage door repair company, make sure you will hire the most reputed, reliable, and certified one.

Professional Garage Door Repair and Why They Are Good For You

When homeowners are in need of garage door repair, most would go for the reputed companies who have already established their identification in the market. There are plenty of garage door companies like, First Place Garage Door Repair that has several branches, skilled technicians, and the latest tools and equipment.

They will guarantee you that you will get efficient services at a very reasonable cost. There is no reason to go for cheap services. Some newly established companies also offer some promotional packages and discounts. The following are the reasons why going for a professional company when it comes to garage door services can have its benefits. 

Customer services

The biggest complaint that most homeowners have regarding large companies is that the business has many formalities or busy in their busy schedules. It is not considered as a fault either because famous companies have a large number of customers so they try their best to become efficient and fast. They will have to complete their jobs quickly so they can move to the next customer. Small organizations have limited customers circle so they little bit got personal. It is common for small companies to know their client’s with the name. They are more concerned and tolerant of your concerns and queries.


Large and famous companies will give you a guarantee that you will receive the best material and most reliable services from most experienced technicians. These facilities will also consider at a price. Small business tends to have lower services fees because they have lower labor costs. Low labor cost does not mean that they have unqualified and unexperienced technical staff as most people would claim you. There are a lot of small companies that perform as good as a large organization against the very low cost.


With small garage door companies, you can discuss your problems easily. Some companies would even provide you contact numbers to call in the case of emergency to deal with the sudden incidents. You will not need to get panic in the middle of the night if the garage door might not work. Even after office hours, they can help their regular clients who have patronized their technicians. They are more professional and accommodating, so you don’t need to fulfill so many formalities.

If you have been a trustworthy client for a long time, your company can even meet your small demands like, planning the time you want them to visit your place or even getting some discount for certain products and services.

There are plenty of small garage door business organizations that offer reliable and fast services that can rival the big organizations. Although a large garage door business is backed by valuable feedbacks and an excellent reputation is worthy to hire but you may also find a treasure when you take risks of trying any new or non-famous organization.


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