Garage Door Spring Repair

An automatic garage door operates on a garage door torsion spring regardless of whether it swings in a solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections. The garage door torsion springs may lose their tension or get broken over time which needs to be replaced. It is extremely important to keep in mind the mechanism of garage door springs used on garage doors before calling a garage door expert. Overall, it is always suggested to hire professional garage door companies to rewound and replace the broken springs. Garage door repair near me for garage door springs goes well beyond the skills required in fixing the dented garage door tracks.

Garage door parts:

The garage door runs on the heavy metal tracks connected to the walls of the garage. There are several types of garage door operating systems such as garage door extension and torsion springs. There are different types of garage doors such as swing-up garage doors and roll-up garage doors.

  • Swing-up garage door:

In this model of garage door, the garage door runs on the horizontal tracks attached to the walls of the garage. These metal tracks should slant downward slightly and towards the back of the garage. These powerful springs are installed on either side or above the opening of the garage door to the frame and hooked to the garage door itself. Even if the garage door springs are in a good working position, it is worth inspecting the mounting brackets to find out the loose hardware such as mounting plates, screws, and nuts.

  • Roll-up garage door:

These types of garage doors run on metal tracks that curve from vertical to horizontal positions in order to roll the garage door up and down. Unlike the garage doors that swing up, the garage door spring is controlled by the cable and pulley system. These cables are used to make the springs safer. You can adjust the springs by just pulling on the cables and re-tight the knots in order to adjust the tension of the spring.

Note: if you have torsion springs installed at the top of the garage door it is mounted under the high tension. Call professional garage door experts to deal with the torsion springs rather than trying to handle them on your own.

Garage door spring repairs:

Garage door springs are challenging to handle by an ordinary person. If you feel yourself up to a challenge, make sure that the new and old spring is the same in size and other dimensions. You should be familiar with the winding bars, stored energy, and other potential risks which will enable you to handle the spring easily. The high amount of energy can lead to serious injuries if you are not experienced.

There are many tutorial videos available on the internet to guide you about the garage door spring replacement process. There are some important tips that you should keep in mind. Close your garage door completely, disconnect the power supply and place a ladder on the one side of your working area to avoid the path of winding bars. Always put a strong grip on the winding bars and fully insert them into the winding cone holes on the torsion springs. Over winding will result in bounce back and under-winding will make the garage door hard to open.

If you have any doubt about your skills and knowledge, don’t hesitate to call professional garage door experts. Your safety will be your first consideration. This is why; it may not be worth risking your life. Call a professional garage door technician right now.

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